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About us

The International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics [Internationale Gesellschaft für Psychosomatische Energetik] (IGPSE) is a professional association headquartered in Obwalden Canton (Switzerland) and with its secretariat in Zurich. It is active throughout the world. It is a non-profit organization.

The purpose of the IGPSE is training and continuing education of specialists in the energy-medicine methods of Psychosomatic Energetics®. Its membership is comprised of physicians in various areas of specialization, dentists, naturopaths, veterinarians, etc. In addition, it serves as a platform for scientific research into energy medicine, with emphasis on Psychosomatic Energetics. It promotes and encourages the exchange of findings and knowledge with proven orthodox-medicine and alternative-medicine healing methods.

Membership is open only to persons who have been schooled in accordance with the training guidelines of Psychosomatic Energetics, and who have passed the examination for Certified Energy Therapist.