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About the author: Dr. Rainer Viehweger, D-19230 Hagenow-Viez, is a specialist in orthopedics and was active for many years at the Charité orthopedic hospital in Berlin before conducting independent medical activity in 1993. He has been working with Psychosomatic Energetics since 2003. In 2006, he completed his training in Global Scaling at mathematician Dr. Hartmut Mueller’s institute, developer of the theory of Global Scaling.

The article explains the principles of Global Scaling, placing them in the context of brain waves and the homeopathic potentiations in the compound remedies of PSE (excerpt from the Psychosomatic Energetics Reader, volume 4).



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The fact that not only humans, but animals as well, can develop energy blocks, with serious consequences, is seen in the example of a dog which had to endure days in the presence of its deceased owner, with no food or water, before being found and freed. The behavioral disturbances or physical malaise resulting from such an energy block often go away again if the energy block is dissolved. It must be said that energy testing of animals requires expert testing ability and experience, since the animal’s reactions must be measured „indirectly“, which is a potential error source. It is therefore advisable, in such cases, to seek out well-trained therapists.

Excerpt from Reimar Banis: New Life through Energy Healing, Via Nova Petersberg, 3rd Ed., 2002


About the author: Dr. Bettina Egger has worked for many years as psychotherapist in SPV and as art therapist with her own practice in Zurich, Switzerland. She is head of the Institute for Humanistic Art Therapy. She makes use of LOM® solution-oriented painting and, since receiving training in Psychosomatic Energetics a few years back, also uses PSE as an adjuvant.
In her articles, she describes the interaction of solution-oriented painting and PSE in eliminating severe traumas and conflicts (excerpt from the Psychosomatic Energetics Reader, volume 2).


About the author: Dr. Christa Gehlhoff, D-58313 Herdecke, doctor in pediatrics and juvenile medicine as well as TCM/naturopathy; has had her own practice for over 25 years. Since completing training in Psychosomatic Energetics some years ago, this has become the focus of her practice.

In the technical journal Erziehungskunst [Pedagogy] (issue 2/2006), the author wrote a fascinating article about problem children and PSE:


About the author: Dr. Karin von Wolff, D-27356 Rotenburg, born 1957, medical study in Aachen. A few years later, worked in organic and orthodox medicine (anaesthesia, internal medicine, general medicine) as well as psychotherapeutic training. Since 2004, intensive work with Psychosomatic Energetics as well.

In this article, the author describes her experiences as a doctor and psychotherapist using PSE in the journal of her professional association.


About the author: Dr. Oberfeld, born 1960, doctorate from the University of Vienna (Austria).

Working since 1992 at the national health office in Salzburg in the division health, hygiene and environmental medicine. Author of numerous specialized publications.
In his article, the author describes the current state of at times critical investigations of GSM and UMTS in the area of electromagnetic fields and radiation (excerpt from the Psychosomatic Energetics Reader, volume 2).


About the author: Prof. Norbert Harthun, born 1939 in Danzig, currently in Leipzig. 1959-1964 studied communications technology at TH Aachen. Beginning in 1970 lecturer at the state-recognized private technical school in Dieburg, specialties: analog circuitry, high-frequency technology, bionics and cybernetics. Personal interests: comparative natural science. 1979 awarded full professorship, 1992 appointment to the Leipzig college of continuing education of German Telekom AG. Specialties include: high-frequency technology, radiocommunication services and cybernetics.

The author supplies a more detailed physical description of the operational principle of the Reba® test device (excerpt from the Psychosomatic Energetics Reader, volume 2).