Investigation of the REBA® Test Device

About the author: Prof. Norbert Harthun, born 1939 in Danzig (D-04249 Leipzig). Studied communications engineering 1959-1964 at the Technical University in Aachen. Since 1970 lecturer at the state-accredited private polytechnic Dieburg, covering analog switching technology, high-frequency engineering, bionics, and cybernetics. Personal area of interest: comparative natural science. 1970 appointment as professor, 1992 assignment to the Leipzig Polytechnic of Deutsche Telekon AG. Teaching areas include high-frequency engineering, radio services, and cybernetics.

Der Autor liefert eine präzisere physikalische Beschreibung des Funktionsprinzips des Reba®-Testgerätes (Auszug aus dem Lesebuch für Psychosomatische Energetik, Band 2).

Rausch-Signale im REBA®-Testgerät - Schlüssel zur Transzendenz insert_drive_file Norbert Harthun