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PSE Informed Water
The International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics has launched a new study. Using different methods, the researchers inform water with liquid homoeopathic PSE remedies. Aftertwards, they take pictures of dried drops of this informed water. The first pictures are impressive: magnified by a factor of 200 and of 500, they show dried water drops containing the information 4 PSE remedies. They seem to illustrate how different homoeopathic complex remedies may give rise to similar, but still individually different structures and light textures in dried minerals, when using the same method and the same water:

Chakra Remedy I

informed water informed water informed water informed water

Conflict Remedy I

informed water informed water informed water informed water

Conflict Remedy II

informed water informed water informed water informed water

Acute Remedy I

informed water informed water informed water informed water

A new method
PSE quickly became established with many therapists in more than 20 countries. It yields encouraging results when used in conjunction with orthodox-medicine and alternative healing techniques, as well as when used by itself, which seems to be a consequence of the more frequently described increase in available energy, mental well-being and/or the stimulation of self-healing powers. The scientific study of these situations is tricky, since the natural sciences continue to have few available resources for detecting and explaining the mechanisms and background of the empirical effects of energy and information medicine. Although the phenomenon has long been known and demonstrated on TV and even on YouTube,  there is as yet no recognized body of knowledge. For instance, with Chinese acupuncture, which is over 2000 years old, it is possible to operate on a fully-awake patient, and, with expertly placed acupuncture needles, can keep a patient pain-free. It is completely irrelevant to the energies and forces whether we can describe the processes scientifically or not.

University studies
For the aforementioned reasons, it has proven difficult in the past to find a university research facility ready and able to initiate research into energy-medicine methods. Nevertheless, the IGPSE intends, in future, to carry out a university study. With the help of its members, it has already worked out and published a number of practice and/or multi-center studies, whose results indicate the advisability of deeper and more intensive scientific research along these lines.

Clinical studies
In the past few years, two practice studies and a multi-center study were carried out and published in the Swiss Holistic Medicine Journal. Our study on geopathic burdens has been published in the american review Townsend Letter.