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International Society For Psychosomatic Energetics

The International Society For Psychosomatic Energetics  was originally founded in Bregenz, Austria, and later moved to Switzerland. Its members consist of experts that include general practitioners and medical specialists, naturopaths, veterinarians etc., who have successfully completed training to become Certified Energy Therapists in the methods of Psychosomatic Energetics® (PSE). They come mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2005, training sessions have also been held in the United States and Canada, while the canonical literature on the method is now available in a number of languages including Russian. Numerous members have published their own experiences or given lectures, as well as conducting studies. One member has initiated a multi-year experiment in schools at various grade levels, which has since been taken up by additional members and branched off in multiple directions.

The International Society  For Psychosomatic Energetics proposes a new view of health and well-being. Based on its findings and the experiences of its members, hidden unresolved emotional conflicts are evidently the cause of energy blocks which lead to reduced vitality, depression and ultimately to exhaustion and (chronic) disease. Elimination of the energy blocks often leads to a noticeable increase in vitality, joie de vivre and activation of the body’s self-healing powers, with astonishing results.

In this manner, PSE combines therapies as varied as psychotherapy, homeopathy and traditional far eastern medical techniques—yet it is not scientifically recognized. Based on the findings of PSE and the experiences of its members, it is a predominantly depth-psychologically oriented method that integrates effortlessly with and supports treatment techniques of modern orthodox medicine. Originally conceived of as a kind of “psychotherapy with drops”, PSE is now being applied in the many different specialties of its members.

The International Society is actively engaged in scientific research of energy medicine in general and of PSE in particular.