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Professional Association

The International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics (IGPSE) is a professional association located in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden which is active worldwide as a nonprofit Organization.

The goal of IGPSE is the training and continuing education of specialists in the energy-medicine methods of Psychosomatic Energetics®. It promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience with proven orthodox and alternative medicine healing methods. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for scientific research into energy medicine, specifically Psychosomatic Energetics. Its members include physicians of various specialties, including general practitioners, naturopaths and veterinarians.

A certificate of “Certified Energy Therapist” is awarded upon successful completion of the Level V Examination (Examination Seminar). Certified therapists have an exclusive license to take part in PSE continuing education seminars such as the yearly Expert’s Meeting.

Training plan

Over the years, a standardized training and examination plan has been developed and proven itself. Training includes sessions with a scheduled daily program, PowerPoint presentations and seminar scripts, practical work with the method, standardized testing using the REBA test device and the RebaPAD, as well as going back over background knowledge detailed in the official PSE technical literature. The training plan is under the control of the training leaders, who align with the published technical literature (cf. Bibliography).

IGPSE Membership

Membership can be applied for by those who have passed the Certified Energy Therapist examination in accordance with IGPSE guidelines.

  • Advantages of a bona fide membership include reduced entry fees to Expert’s Meetings, 3-4 newsletters per year and free mailing of newly published books by the author, Dr. Reimar Banis.
  • Certified Therapists have exclusive permission to take part in PSE continuing education such as the yearly Expert’s Meeting.
  • By applying at the IGPSE and Rubimed website, Certified Energy Therapists can be listed in a regional roster (Therapist List), so that patients can specifically search online for a therapist in their area.
  • On your homepage or in your documents, you are allowed to mention that you are a member of the International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics in Switzerland.