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Manual of Psychosomatic Energetics

Publicatons: Crystyne Jackson Enterprises, Inc.
Author: Dr. med. Reimar Banis
Hardcover, Paperback, 200 pages
Price: € 29,80
Published: 2005

This book advocates a new view of disease and helaing. Its authors views the cause of disease as lying in hidden unresovled emotional conflicts.We are all familiar with these inner conflicts, the core of which is the Central Conflict, which shapes a person`s psychic constellation, character and behaviour. It is the life theme, a fundamental conflict through which and by which one gows and matures, until one is in a position to dissolve it - for example, the inclination to always want to do right by others, even at on`s own great expense…

In this training and reference manual, Dr. Reimar Banis – who, along with Dr. Ulrike Banis, first developed the method – describes and explanins the methodoligical tools of the trade for professional therapists, sheds light on the background data and details the methods`s use in daily practice.

Healing through the dissolution of morbific conflicts – in diagnosis and therapy, Psychosomatic Energetics repesents a long-standing successfully-practiced alternative to orthodox medicine and protracted psychotherapy.

Reader of Psychosomatic Energetics Volume 2

Author: Dr. med. Reimar Banis
Paperback, 220 pages
Price: € 24,20
Publisher: Books on Demand, 2015
ISBN: 978-3-7386-9099-6

Reader of Psychosomatic Energetics Volume 2

The Psychosomatic Energetics Reader (PSE) is meant to serve as an aid in daily clinical practice and in continuing self-improvement. The Reader contains a great variety of technical articles, which, in the years since the publication of the previous Reader, have appeared in complementary-medicine journals and general-readership magazines. Since eight years have gone by since the publication of the previous Reader in 2008, this one is particularly extensive.

Now that there are five PSE Readers, the PSE therapist and those interested in PSE now have available more than 1300 pages of a technical library covering all the knowledge about PSE and related areas that has been acquired and evaluated over nearly 20 years by the many therapists who use this method. Since there is generally not much that is new in the area of empirical medicine, it is worthwhile even for experienced therapists to take a look back at the knowledge and wealth of experience of their colleagues. There is really no need to be constantly reinventing the wheel, which is why a fair amount of past daily clinical practice experience remains current and relevant. It is well worth enabling as many people as possible to be able to benefit from and utilize this knowledge.

Psychosomatic Energetics Textbook

Paperback: 372 pages
Publisher: Books on Demand, 2017
Price: € 22,80
ISBN-10: 3743182718
ISBN-13: 978-3743182714

Unresolved emotional conflicts can lead to disease. Eliminating them breaks up psychoenergetic blocks. This book shows you how it's done. With the aid of a special test device, therapists can first determine the extent of patient subtle energy on all four energy levels (Vital, Emotional, Mental, Causal). Next, with the aid of special homeopathic compound agents, they can pinpoint patients' hidden emotional conflicts, which are the main causes of energy blocks. A few months of conflict therapy can then eliminate the psychoenergetic blocks, after which life energy can once again flow at full strength. This training and practice manual conveys the following: -The methodical tools of the trade for therapists (test device, testing instructions, organ test kit) -Background information (energy field, Chakra therapy, emotional basic conflicts, typology, acute and constitutive agents) -Practical application (test instructions for clinical practice, indications, limits to PSE). The book completely covers the contents of the course of training to become a "Certified Energy Therapist."

Geopathic stress and what you can do about it

Publications: CO’MED
Author: Dr. med. Ulrike Banis
Price: € 18.00
Hardcover, Paperback, 139 pages
Published, 2003
ISBN: 393467206X

This book wants to show what impact geopathic stress has on our health, well-being, immune system, and autonomic regulation. The author gives numerous examples of cases from her practice…

Handbook of psychosomatic Energetics

Publications: CO’MED
Author: Dr. med. Ulrike Banis
Price: € 24.80
Hardcover, Paperback, 192 pages
Published: 2004
ISBN: 3934672078

This guidebook addresses medical professionals who are interested in the new method of ‘Psychosomatic Energetics’ Therapists who already work with the method, will find a number of interesting case histories from my practice to help to illustrate this fascinating therapy… In an everyday language the book describes the development of the method, the Reba test equipment and the different ways of energetic testing… Additionally, the book gives a lot of useful advice for holistic therapy with the newly designed ‘emotional remedies’ that help to solve emotional conflicts.