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General Contents and Philosophy

Psychosomatic Energetics® (PSE) is an alternative-medicine healing method which considers body, mind, and spirit to be inseparable human elements. It innovatively combines concepts and theories stemming from ancient healing arts and empirical medicine of non-European world cultures (e.g. Yoga, ancient Indian Chakra theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine) with complementary medical knowledge from Western society (e.g. Somatic Psychotherapy, Homeopathy, Kinesiology).

PSE users strive for a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of physiological and psychological disorders. According to PSE, such disorders are often the result of blocked life energy. If life energy no longer flows smoothly and cannot be adequately taken up, this leads to an energetic deficiency state, which has negative repercussions for health and well-being.

In PSE’s view, the cause of insufficiently available life energy is very often to be found in energy blockages. These blockages originate in unresolved, repressed (and thus subconscious) conflicts which tie up energy. PSE’s job is to diagnose these blockages and then eliminate them via the use of patient-individualized compound homeopathic agents. Once the blockages have been “dissolved”, life energy is harmonized, thereby stimulating spontaneous healing powers.

Since conflict resolution takes time, discipline and patience is necessary – on the part of patient and therapist alike. The successful application of PSE calls for a clearly standardized procedure, to which the trained therapists dedicate themselves. When necessary, PSE can be applied in conjunction with either orthodox-medical therapies or a great many alternative-medical procedures. PSE considers its place in the context of an equilibrating alternative-medicine discipline.

PSE and its practitioners are not ideologically tied down, and favor a liberal and enlightened stance; they are open to alternative-energy and energy-medicine techniques, as long as they have proven themselves in practice by a significant number of users.

Research into synergies and the exchange of experiences with other specialists form an important core constituency of activities of the International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics (IGPSE). The society and its members are dedicated to the determination of a serious, broadly supported, sound and practice-related medical science, and stand for a tolerant and open mental attitude.