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The origins and development of Psychosomatic Energetics

By Dr. Reimar Banis

In my everyday practice at my general-medicine clinic, I noticed, when testing out naturopathic remedies, that a great many patients responded positively to Bach Flowers. These are subtle-energy vibrating medications derived from flowering plants whose vibrations affect the emotions. I quickly realized that evidently a high percentage of people – who were either chronically ill or had not felt well for quite some time for no known medical reason – were emotionally disturbed at the energetic level.

Through my observations I determined that administering Bach Flowers led to an improvement, but only on the short term. Casting about for a better solution, I ended up concentrating on homeopathic high potentiations.

Over the course of years of research, I was able to determine that there are 28 distinct negative emotional states. Over the course of an intensive search, it became clear that some patients responded positively to a specific mixture of certain homeopathic high potentiations. I have named these mixtures Emotional Remedies (Emvita).

I next noticed that each of these emotional states energetically “docks with” a particular segmental energy center. I also developed homeopathic mixtures for these energy centers, which I named Chakra Mixtures (Chavita).

In order to accurately test out these vital agents for PSE treatment, and to be able to determine a patient’s energetic state, with the aid of a physicist, we developed the REBA test device. This was followed some years later by the RebaPAD, which can be visualized as a “blood-pressure gauge for subtle energy levels”.