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PSE and animals
The fact that not only humans but animals also can develop energy blocks, thus leading to serious consequences, is illustrated by the following example of a dog who had had to remain, uncared for, at its dead master’s side for days before it was found and let out….

Findings regarding GSM and UMTS
About the author: Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, born 1960, graduated from University of Vienna (Austria). Has worked since 1992 at the Public Health Administration of the State of Salzburg in the Department of Health, Hygiene and Environmental Medicine. Author of numerous technical publications.

Investigation of the REBA® Test Device
About the author: Prof. Norbert Harthun, born 1939 in Danzig (D-04249 Leipzig). Studied communications engineering 1959-1964 at the Technical University in Aachen. Since 1970 lecturer at the state-accredited private polytechnic Dieburg, covering analog switching technology, high-frequency engineering, bionics, and cybernetics. Personal area of interest: comparative natural science. 1970 appointment as professor, 1992 assignment to the Leipzig Polytechnic of Deutsche Telekon AG. Teaching areas include high-frequency engineering, radio services, and cybernetics.

Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier sees parallels to the homeopathic principle
In October 2008, Luc Montagnier and Françoise Barré-Sinoussi shared the Physiology/Medicine Nobel Prize for the discovery of the HIV Virus. In July 2010, Montagnier again surprised his colleagues at a highly remunerative international conference: he presented a new way to determine the presence of viral infections which parallels basic principles of homeopathy.