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PSE and animals

The fact that not only humans but also animals can benefit from the resolution of their psycho-energetic conflicts can be illustrated by the following case:

On the occasion of a visit to a Spanish family, the lady of the house, a prospective PSE therapist, told us about her dog that had gathered at the dining room door and wanted to get in but was not allowed to.

We sat with her for a round of coffee and cake and felt sorry for the little dog. According to his mistress he was a real disaster, because he would jump on the dining table without manners and devour everything he found in wild unrestraint, if only he was given the opportunity.

At some point the naughty dog lay next to me and I just had the test kit with the 28 conflicts and 7 chakras at hand, tested them one by one by placing the test ampoules near the dog's fur and observing which ampoule I used to see an altered kinesiological reaction in me. Finally I found the conflict "shock, numbness" in the dog's throat chakra.

Asked about the origin of the conflict, his mistress was able to tell an interesting story about it, which made the cause of the psychological trauma understandable. The dog had formerly belonged to a lady with terminal cancer, who shortly before her death asked her current owner, a therapist, to take over the dog after her death.

A few days later, the caretaker, whom the residents had called because of the stench from an apartment, found a half-starved little dog next to the body. The sudden death of its owner had obviously put the dog into a severe shock, which he has not been able to "swallow" until today. Because of the lack of energy in his throat chakra, he had probably become a voracious monster trying to satisfy his spiritual hunger.